The Next Level Landlord test will benchmark you against these five principles and identify your strengths and weaknesses

Answer some Yes/No questions and in under 5 minutes you will have a bespoke report. These five principles make up our tenant first methodology. By working on these skills, your whole business will improve.


Why do we get Focussed?

Most developers and landlords actually don’t have a strategy or business plan before they start buying properties. You will be much more effective with a focussed approach to getting the basics right, clarifying your business strategy, your brand and creating your own focussed design blueprint for your portfolio.


Why do we need Insight?

The beginnings of your investment strategy starts with research and an in-depth understanding of your investment areas. By having your finger on the pulse, you will identify opportunities, avoid costly mistakes and be ahead of the competition.


Why focus on R&D?

The money in property development is made or lost in the build. As a developer, the ‘Review and Deliver’ principle (R&D) is the most important, after identifying your target demand. Anaylse the deal, raise the funds and then put in place the perfect team.


Why focus on Service?

By focusing on the continued happiness of your customer, the tenant,  you will have fewer on-going issues within your portfolio. Your aim is to have tenants who rave about you rather than complain about you. These customers inevitably stay longer and pay! Less voids, more profit, happy customers, happy landlord.


Why do we want to Thrive?

Scale up your strategy and your finances. What deals should you do? How many should you do? How do you manage growth? At some point, you will likely look to use other people’s money – whether borrowed or as a joint venture. Understand how to systemise, scale sustainably, and build a network so that deals and finance flow to you.

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